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Canadians continued to pile up non-mortgage debt compared with a year ago but delinquency rates remained low, according to credit monitoring agency TransUnion. Average consumer non-mortgage debt balances rose to $21,686 at the end of the third quarter, up
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Once you have built a budget and you have determined how much money is left over to service debt you may want to consider obtaining a debt consolidation loan. A debt consolidation loan is when a creditor (usually your bank) takes all of your debt and puts
CanadianDebt 07.11.2016 0

The numbers are in and they’re telling a story that feels a little too close to home for Canadians. Given today’s struggling economy and unemployment hitting tens of thousands of households across the country, many consumers have found themselves relying o
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Credit is somewhat of an enchanted thing. It allows us the flexibility to make purchases ahead of when we would otherwise be able to afford them. Unfortunately for many when it comes to credit, the ‘trick’ often follows the ‘treat’. While bank interest rat
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Visitor: Spent a lot of time reading stuff and watching videos. Finalyt just decided to put my infomration in and I was on the phone with someone (dont remember thier name to be honest) the same day. He was very good and answered everything I needed to know. Very impressed!

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Even though many of us are still decades away from retirement, it’s a constant worry. Nobody wants to run out of cash during their golden years. With record housing prices, higher food costs, and increasing financial commitments despite stagnant salaries, saving for retirement is tougher than ever. And with interest rates hitting record lows, it’s hard to get decent returns–especially from fixed income.
The largest private residential mortgage insurer in Canada says many of its customers would have difficulty meeting new rules introduced by the federal government this week. Based on data accumulated so far this year, Genworth MI Canada Inc. estimates that more than one-third of insured mortgages, predominantly acquired by first-time homebuyers, would have difficulty meeting required debt-service ratios.
The number of homes sold in Calgary rose for the first time in nearly two years in September, according to the latest data from the Calgary Real Estate Board. With 1,488 properties sold, overall home sales were up nearly 2.1 per cent from September 2015 levels, snapping a 21-month streak of year-over-year declines.
What is the balance owing on your credit card or cards? When you make a payment were does it go? Is it paying the interest or is it paying the down the credit card? Do you have a bucket list, meaning things you want to do and don’t because you can’t afford it? Have you been using credit to cover off some of the things on your bucket list?
On Tuesday Statistics Canada reported that the debt-to-disposable income ratio for the average Canadian is 165%, near record highs. For every $1 of disposable income, the average person now has $1.65 in debt. Canada has seen the largest increase in household debt relative to income of any major developed country since 2000.
Canadian household debt as a percentage of income edged lower in the first quarter but remained at elevated levels as consumers continued to borrow, a trend economists do not expect to reverse any time soon.
A Halifax woman is warning others to think twice before buying a pre-paid credit card at the grocery store or pharmacy, calling the fees that come with them "a rip-off." Angela Gerard received her first MasterCard gift card for her birthday.
The number of Alberta loans (aside from mortgages) at least 90 days past due in the first three months of 2016 was up 11.8 per from the same period last year, according to data company TransUnion’s Canada Industry Insights Report.
If the term “subprime” means anything to you, it likely conjures up images of the U.S. debt crisis of 2008-09, when subprime borrowers, unable to pay their loans, helped push the financial system to the brink of collapse. So it probably isn’t good news to hear that subprime lending is becoming a bigger part of Canada's economy.
British Columbians are heading toward bankruptcy in increasing numbers, and easy access to credit suggests that trend is likely to continue.

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Debt Problems? Debt Solutions! We Can Help Right The Ship. People in Coquitlam (and Canadian’s everywhere) are facing ever increasing debt and finding it more and more difficult to meet their monthly obligations. Minimum payments are not being met and people are robbing Peter to pay Paul. The cycle…
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Coquitlam, Canada
10.11.2016 From GregMartin
Overwhelmed By Debt? We Can Help! With over 40 years of combined debt restructuring experience, Bromwich & Smith has helped thousands of people across Alberta and in Olds regain control over their finances. We can help you too! The Solution: When experiencing debt problems, the stress can …
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Overwhelmed By Debt? We Can Help! Bromwich & Smith has helped thousands of people across Alberta and in Okotoks regain control over their finances. We can help you too! The Solution: All debt problems do have a solution. However, not all debt solutions are created equally. That is wher…
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Okotoks, Canada
04.11.2016 From CanadianDebt
Debt Problems? Debt Solutions! We Can Help Right The Ship. People in New Westminster (and Canadian’s everywhere) are facing ever increasing debt and finding it more and more difficult to meet their monthly obligations. Minimum payments are not being met and people are robbing Peter to pay Paul. The…
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New Westminster, Canada
31.10.2016 From GregMartin
One of the most difficult parts of going through a tough financial situation is making the decision to seek help. Misconceptions about debt and fear of the unknown often cause those struggling with debt to wait, while the situation simply becomes worse. At Bromwich & Smith, we are here to help y…
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Medicine Hat, Canada
31.10.2016 From CanadianDebt

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Recently Added Sites — Government of Yukon - Consumer Services' primary goal is to create and encourage a fair, efficient and informed marketplace for business and consumers.Consumer Services ensures that professionals are qualified to be licensed pursuant to Yukon legislation & fosters business.
31.10.2016 0 comments From CanadianDebt — Official website for the Government of Saskatchewan. Resources for residents and businesses. Find information on provincial programs and services, jobs, education, health, families, First Nations, immigration, taxes, legislation, ministries, and more.
26.10.2016 0 comments From CanadianDebt — Office de la protection du consommateur
24.10.2016 0 comments From CanadianDebt — Welcome to the official website of the Consumer Services. Consumer Services administers consumer protection legislation for the province of Prince Edward Island.  Legislation includes:
20.10.2016 0 comments From CanadianDebt — We help you ask the right questions before you make important decisions, like joining a gym, renting a water heater and more.
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Ottawa has announced new rules aimed at limiting foreign money into Canadian real estate and ensuring that borrowers take on mortgages they can afford.
There are more than 700,000 Canadians who might be watching the next Bank of Canada decision very closely, because even a modest interest rate increase could push them over the financial edge.
As of May 20, 2016, Saskatchewan had the highest delinquency rate in the country. Given how significantly Saskatchewan and Alberta have been hit by the oil slump, this doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise to financial strategists and advisors throughout the country. As severance pay and EI begins to run out for unemployed oil patch workers, the question is – what happens now?
Alberta’s unemployment rate hit its highest level in more than 20 years in February, after climbing more than 2.5 points in the past year. Statistics Canada reported Friday that the province’s unemployment rate hit 7.9 per cent in February, its highest mark since August 1995. That’s up 0.5 points from January and 0.6 points higher than the national average.
The average Canadian household had a record $1.65 in debt for every dollar of disposable income in the fourth quarter of 2015, Statistics Canada says, up from around $1.64 in the previous quarter. That's in part because debt is growing twice as fast as people's incomes. Household debt grew by 1.2 per cent in the quarter, while incomes rose 0.6 per cent.
Albertans have the highest average debt load in the country at more than $27,000, says Equifax Canada. A study released this morning says consumer debt delinquencies in the province jumped 25 per cent over the same quarter last year.
The Bank of Canada held interest rates steady on Wednesday, citing stronger non-energy exports and an economy growing largely as expected, as it awaits this month's federal budget to gauge the impact of the Liberal government's stimulus plans.
The Bank for International Settlements says central banks like the Bank of Canada and the U.S. Federal Reserve are running out of policy room and have been "over-burdened'' over the past few years.
Amid sky-high consumer debt, it’s a disturbing sign of the times: a growing number of Canadians are being duped by unscrupulous debt-settlement companies. Horror stories from debt-laden consumers who have turned to such operators for help, only to find themselves even further in the hole or being sued by their creditors, are prompting the Ontario government to crack down with new legislation to be introduced Thursday.
The government of Ontario is planning to launch a pilot project to test out a guaranteed basic income.
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