Founded by Gregory Martin, a professional debt counsellor for over 15 years, our team is dedicated to helping Canadians reduce and eliminate their debt through various debt repayment programs. The team, based out of Surrey B.C., is trained in almost every area of debt consolidation and can offer you a free, unbiased, assessment of your situation allowing you to choose the right path. We are independent from any financial institution and are not paid by your creditors. Essentially when you complete your free assessment your getting the best advice and the right options with no hidden agenda.

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Although we’re not an accredited member of the BBB we strive for excellence and hold their highest rating of A+. Pair that with being a licensed debt cousnellor with Consumer Protection, you have a firm that you know is looking out for your best interest.

If debt has become to much too manage then let’s talk. We can review all of your options and help you through the process of becoming debt free.

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