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Debt Consolidation in Canada!

Reduce your monthly payments by up to 80%, pay no upfront fees and do it all without filing for bankruptcy. We can help you become debt free with one easy monthly payment.

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We get it! We know how hard it is to live with debt and how easy it is to get into it. We also understand that no two situations are alike. Call now to get your free, no obligation consultation and find out what options you have for debt consolidation in Canada and how we can customize a debt repayment program to suit your needs.

We’ve helped thousands of  Canadians from coast to coast reduce and eliminate $65,435,524.07 of debt through debt consolidation programs!

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I opened a business {My Dream Job} last year. I am the sol proprietor of the company so the debt accumulated was all done on my personal accounts. Maxed out every credit card & line of credit I had in the start up process and it was a little more then what I thought I could handle. The business was doing ok but with over $3000 per month going just to bills alone was downing me. The financial burden was effecting my business, Marriage/family, credit rating and beginning to effect my health from the constant stress.
Greg was my saving grace, I called him basically crying, scared & lost. Not once did he make me feel like he was judging me, he step by step walked me through the process and with in a week or so he had all my debt into one low monthly payment. He is there anytime I call with my million questions and inquiries lol . And has patience with the ‘Takes time to get back on your feet’ process and is willing to work with you to make sure the program works for YOU not him ensuring your success. This man saved my business , my marriage/family a lot of stress and my health . Basically all the things in life that means anything to me. Changed my life.


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