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Consolidate Debt

How to consolidate debt

Our debt counselling professionals will answer all your questions and provide you with all of your options to consolidate. Even if you plan to use your own debt or bill consolidation strategy, we can help. Call our office at 1-866-284-2527 . Your debt repayment needs to begin with an understanding of your personal circumstances. One fast call to our toll free number will do the trick. Remember there is never any pressure or obligation on your part to use our services. Its free, 100% confidential and never any obligations. 

Credit Counselling and Debt Repayment 

Our licensed counselling professionals will work with you to develop a debt consolidation program customized for your personal financial needs. Together, we’ll make sure you get a realistic, livable budget, pay off your debt and restore your good credit. 

Debt Consolidation program 

Often we’ll start by consolidating your current debts. Here’s how it works: 

Our people will negotiate with all of your creditors on your behalf, and then set up a single monthly payment, often lower than you are currently paying and often with lower interest charges. We’ll re-arrange your current debt to make your monthly amount more manageable. 

How our Debt Management Program Works 

Nobody needs constant calls from creditors and sleepless nights. So you’ll be glad to know debt help is at hand with debt repayment programs. One call to one of our credit counselling professionals and you’ll soon see how you can become debt free—and worry free. 

Our service is not a consolidation loan, but the end result is much the same. You will make just one monthly payment (or it can be split into two half payments each month) to cover all monthly obligations to your creditors. 

Debt Management You Can Manage 

The amount you pay depends on how much you can afford (after all living expenses have been allowed for) and how much your creditors will accept. As part of credit counselling and debt help services, we will negotiate new payment terms on your behalf.  We will then make the monthly or bi-monthly payments directly to your creditors as your payments are received and deposited to our trust account. 

You’ll find that our Debt Management Programs and  Debt Consolidation System, offers the benefits you’re looking for: 

A substantially lower monthly payment brings you immediate debt relief.
Only one payment each month (or a split payment) to cover all your financial obligations.

 Creditors and collectors will stop calling you.

 Eliminated or Reduced interest costs (in most cases) to help you pay off all debt in less time.

 Gain control and management of your finances, ease of mind, and no more stress!
Make the call to our toll free number now : 1-800-913-0715, CHATLIVE on messenger or complete our contact form and have one of our debt counselling professionals call you at your convenience.

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