Jorge – Edmonton Alberta

Jorge was one who simply didn’t manage his money and with no budget his spending habits were out of control. Within a few years Jorge’s debt had amounted to a little over $19,000. With a low income he was unable to make any headway with his debt. We showed Jorge a payment plan that lowered his debt to $12,000 and gave him a monthly payment of $200.00. Jorge can now manage his finances and with a little extra help, he now has a budget in place that will allow him to pay his dent off and live within his means.

Louise – Sundre Alberta

Louise has spent most of the last 15 years on her own. After the tragic loss of her husband she gradually accumulated $54,944.00 of unsecured debt. Limited by one income she had to find a solution to eliminate the debt. After months of searching for an option we had the chance to talk to Louise and give her the ins and outs of every option available to her. After several conversations we found a solution that worked with her limited income. Louise was able to file a consumer proposal, and in the end, only had to pay back $21,000 with a monthly payment of $350.00. That’s a reduction of $33,944.00.

Peter – Peace River Alberta

Peter was a business owner who, with the falling economy, fell on hard times and could no longer afford to keep his store and pay his unsecured debt. When we first started working with Peter he was paying over $3,500 a month in minimum payments and barely had enough to survive. Peters debt had amounted to over $145,000 making him the largest debt amount we’ve seen for one client.

After working with Peter we managed to get his debt to a reasonable $48,000 with a monthly payment of $800.00. A reduction of over $97,000.

Sarah – Rosedale, BC

Another story of separation, Sarah had gone through a painful divorce and is now raising three little girls on her own. With a limited income she was struggling to make minimum payments and unfortunately fell into the world of collections. With call after call from nasty collectors Sarah finally turned to Canadian Debt Solutions for help. We worked with Sarah to consolidate her debt and reduce her $46,000 credit card debt to an affordable $12,000.

Sarah is no making monthly payments of $200.00 and is well on her way to being debt free. Oh and those nasty collection calls, gone. Sarah’s not afraid to answer her phone anymore because the people on the other end of the line are people she actually wants to talk to!

Sereana – Burnaby, B,C.

Sereana was another one of our unfortunate clients that suffered a job loss and had to rely on credit. After a year of searching she finally found a job that paid well and turned to us to help her in the repayment of her debt. Sadly, by that time her debt amounted to $25,959.85.

Putting a plan in place for Sereana was fairly simple and she is now enjoying a $200.00 a month payment which in turn reduced her debt to a manageable $12,000.00. Like so many of our clients Sereana can now see a light at the end of the tunnel and someday soon, she will be debt free and moving forward with her life!

Penni and Brian – Edmonton, Alberta

Like so many people have, Penni and Brian experienced job loss and had to rely on credit cards to get them through. Unfortunately, once they returned to work it was too late. The damage had been done. Penni and Brian collectively accumulated $77,781.47 in credit card debt and with their new, lower paying jobs, there was no way out. At least not until they contacted Canadian Debt Solutions!

Upon reviewing their situation it was clear that they would never get out of debt making their minimum monthly payments. We talked to them about their options and in the end they managed to file a consumer proposal, reduced their debt to $33,000.00, and now have a low monthly payment that fits nicely in their budget.

Tone – Calgary, Alberta

Tone unfortunately went through a separation with his wife and in the process managed to rack up $56,317.00 of unsecured debt. When he contacted us he was in real trouble. Not knowing how he was going to pay his debt back he asked to know what his options were.

In the end we managed to help him file a consumer proposal and in the process reduced his debt to a manageable $24,000.00. Tone is now back on track and is currently paying his debt back with a light at the end of the tunnel. Tone went from paying $1,400.00 a month in minimum payments to $400.00 per month!

Sandra and Robert – Surrey, BC

The heaviest of our heavy weights! Sandra and Robert, to this day, still hold the record for the most debt of all our clients. Coming in just over $136,000.00 of unsecured debt Sandra and Robert were in a real pickle. Limited by the banks they turned to Canadian Debt Solutions for a solutions and we delivered.

Sandra and Robert had a limited amount of equity in their home and by using the services of Canadian Mortgage Experts we were able to get Sandra and Robert enough money to put a lump sum down on their debt and settle the rest. In the end Sandra and Robert wound up with their debt being reduced to $77,902.00 and have a monthly payment that they can realistically afford. At one point their minimum payments were exceeding $3,400.00 a month and currently now, they are paying $1,298.00.

Elaine – Garibaldi Highlands, B.C.

Elaine was in a serious amount of debt when she came to Canadian Debt Solutions. Weighing in at a whopping $121,000.00 of unsecured debt, Elaine had exhausted all avenues including the bank. Elaine, like most of us, was a home owner but every time she applied to use the equity in her home she was given the all to common answer of “sorry, we cant help you!”

After reviewing her financial situation we were able to put together a payment plan that saw her $121,000.00 debt be reduced to an amazing $42,000.00. A savings of $79,000.00. But it gets better….. Her monthly payment went from approximately $3,000.00 down to $700.00. An astonishing $2,300.00 back into her monthly budget. Elaine is now balancing her budget and putting money aside for her retirement.

Robert – Qualicum Beach, B.C.

When Robert came to Canadian Debt Solutions he was being garnished by Revenue Canada and had $30,000.00 of debt. He was struggling to make ends meet and the CRA garnishment was preventing him from catching up with his unsecured debt, monthly utility bills, and causing financial hardship.

When we sat down with Robert we showed him a plan that eliminated roughly $18,000.00 of principal debt, eliminated the garnishment from Revenue Canada, stopped all of the nasty collection calls he was receiving, and put him on a path to financial freedom. Robert is now enjoying a $200.00/month payment and is well on his way to being debt free!